Magic Spheres


  • Mana – Light Magic Prismatic themed effects
  • Necra – Anti-Magic effects. Spells distroy the spheres (body soul) of the target

Base Elemental

  • Air – Telekinesis, Wind, Movement, travel, Action, Communications
  • Flame – Raw elemental fire. control and creation of flame, retribution reaction
  • Stone – resistance, construction, artifice, constriction
  • Water – protection/redirection flexability

Sub Elements

  • Heat – Sits in the overlap between Air and Flame. Exhaustion, Dehidration, Area Denial
  • Cold – Sits in the overlap between Air and Water. Ice/Snow Effect, Damage,
  • Ooze – Sits in the overlap between Water and Stone. Acid, Poison, Slowing, Rooting,
  • Magma – Sits in the overlap between Flame and Stone. Equipment destruction

High Elements

  • Force – Bigby’s hand, Kinetic blast,
  • Cloud – Illusion, Obfuscation
  • Metal – physical damage resistance, enchantment of war items
  • Electric – damage, short range detection

Low Elements

  • Void – Darkness
  • Anima – Mind Control, Fear, Soul Trapping
  • Crystal – Enchanting of knowledge items and items that are not hit in combat
  • Vitae – Life draining, pain, corpse minions,

Magic Spheres

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